Joan Farràs, the founder of Iberian Foods originally from the Iberian Peninsula, has lived in New Zealand for nearly 40 years. Providing your business with the most reliable foundation to obtain quality Iberian foods. Iberian Foods combine an intimate knowledge of the local market with an unmatched understanding of Iberian cured meats and cheese.

Iberian Foods, a division of E.T.S. Ltd, started importing and distributing Iberian jamón Serrano, Pata Negra, Ibérico Bellota, Mangálica and a variety of top quality chorizos in April 2007. Our main focus is supplying delicatessens, restaurants and catering business with these high quality Iberian products, unavailable in New Zealand until now.

Jamón and chorizo have been staple food for the people of the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries. Most of the production started with families; the pig was a domestic animal, while sheep and cattle were a more specialized type of stock, requiring access to land. Pigs were raised and fed with the most suitable feed in order to obtain the desired results.

Iberian Foods imports jamón and chorizo made from pigs that have been specially raised to a strict specification and fed with blends of grain and other feed. The animals are raised for 18 months near the Català town of Vic, in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

The chorizos we import are manufactured in this region, close to the small town of Olot and the jamón is cured in the Iberian Peninsula, near the Castilian town of Segovia. This area has extreme temperatures and a very low average humidity, the ideal conditions to cure jamón. These conditions are unique to the Iberian Peninsula and do not occur in other ham producing countries, such as Italy (prosciutto) and France (Bayonne) hence the marked difference in taste and aspect.