All of our products are exclusively imported by Iberian Foods from Iberian Peninsula suppliers, providing goods of the highest quality. Interested in having our meats, cheeses or wines in your cafe, restaurant or bar? Contact Us today for a tasting & price list.

iberico jamon


Simply the best genuine Iberian cured meats Jamón, Salchichón, Chorizo and Lomo available in New Zealand. The perfect accompaniment to your wine list. Now supplying Fresh Meats Pork Cheek & Loin End.
ChorizoJamónLomoSalchichón, Fresh Meat


Delicious sheep, goat and cows milk cheeses are perfect to add a bold flavour to your dish, or a rich addition to any anti-pasto platter.
Blue, Cabra, Manchego, Roncal, Idiazábal, Tronchon & Galicia


Iberian Foods have established an exciting new partnership with Estones Wines of Tarragona, the principal village of the comarca of the Priorat in Catalonia in Spain. View wines


Authentic jamoneras – specifically designed to cut jamón. A striking conversation piece and a convenient way to prepare ham for your bar, restaurant or cafe. Jamonera TableJamonero RotatorioJamonero Góndola