Iberico Salchichón whole

Salchichón Ibérico

Ibérico Salchichón is one of the finest quality cured meats in world! Made from the free range, native Spanish acorn fed Ibérico pig; Salchichón only uses prime cuts of meat. During the production process fat is added to enhance the taste and texture, as the prime cuts are naturally fat free. Salchichón is very different from Chorizo as it does not use paprika, nor does it use the wide variety of cuts containing both meat and fat, that Chorizo has. All Ibérico products use this very special Spanish, acorn fed pig. The acorns, once eaten, are metabolized in such a way that it becomes a flavoursome oil in the prime quality meat. This is a mouth watering, moreish product and a personal favourite of mine! Best eaten at room temperature.